kozo sushi hawaii

When Kozo Sushi first opened in Osaka, Japan, the then-fledgling company was initially established to fill a niche market, filling a gap that existed between an okazuya and a pricey sushi bar. Kozo Sushi has been the most popular fast food take out sushi restaurant in Japan since if first opened in 1972, and today Hawaii is home to several locations, including Kozo Sushi Kahala Mall, Pearl City, Pearlridge, and Moiliili.

We use the best ingredients available, and cook the rice using special Kozo Sushi vinegar. Our sushi has the similar quality of sushi served at many sit-down restaurants but at a much cheaper price. We do offer great value. In economy, more people are choosing to eat sushi at our store instead of at sit-down restaurants because they prefer the great value we offer.

We have gained many customers who love our new menu items. The chefs at Kozo Sushi are constantly inventing new dishes, so stop in often to discover their latest creations. The chefs enjoy drawing on local flavors, playing with different ingredients and mixing things up. Kozo is in the process of inventing new sushi dishes right now and hopes to unveil the items next month. To keep updated on Kozo’s new items, visit this website.